Why every company needs to know about SEO

Every business out there needs to have SEO, it doesn’t matter if you’re an IT company or an online property sales business selling houses to families, the power of a good website is essential to all. Search engine optimisation is a process that helps to optimise your webpage to maximise the amount of traffic coming from search engines.
If you don’t have SEO in place, you are putting your business and company in danger. By bringing SEO in you will see so many different positives like below:

  • People will search for your services or products by typing your name or product into search engines. Did you know that 93% of people doing things online have started with a search from a search People are using search engines daily which means the huge potential of people getting to your site
  • The traffic within search engines is probably the best traffic to have. It simply means that people have a problem and have come across your product in search of a solution. The SEO industry is worth over $60 billion because search traffic is already interested in your services. For example, if you are looking to sell your own home, you want to find the best possible help online. A quick Google search will tell you what company to go with – as it is listed the highest.
  • SEO can increase sales. You can increase your leads that can get your sales if you are offering viable products and services. A small business once generated over $103,000 in SEO results within just a 5-month
  • SEO does not use paid advertising. You can increase traffic to your website without the need for pay per click — an effective strategy to get back your dollars from advertising and to put them into an area more needed.
  • SEO does not take breaks it is 24/7. The rankings won’t go away overnight. You can increase the traffic every single day. When you get to the level of ranking high in the search engines your business will be promoted even when you sleep.
  • You can build trust via SEO. Everyone trusts Google, and they use it every day to find information, places or just When you start ranking high, you can build trust and credibility with customers and businesses.
  • SEO is a strategy that lasts long term. While it may take anywhere from 6-12 months to see rankings it also takes time to get lower in the rankings. Once you are in the top position, you most likely won’t move down. If there is a change, such an SEO competition or changes within the Google algorithm, this is when you may be lowered.
  • SEO informs your customers. When people are using the search engine, they are researching something. They will then use the information they find online to help them make decisions about what to chose or the option to choose. When you are sitting high in the ranking, you are educating people and helping them make a decision.
  • SEO will increase your brand awareness. SEO can help to build your brand to make people aware of it. Making people aware is essential as people who are visiting your site might not yet be ready to buy or make a decision but after being made aware of the offerings, they can easily choose to purchase down the track.

The benefits of SEO to your business are endless. It can be the best marketing investment you can choose to make. SEO is a long-term asset generating leads, sale and more traffic. There is no advertising needed. Forget networking and cold-calling investing within an SEO campaign today can just be what makes your business. There is no loss when investing in SEO so with nothing to lose and plenty to gain don’t waste time waiting around for the big break when it is already waiting for you.