The Best Options for Hotel Management Software

For clothes, it is all about the match. Is there anything worse than purchasing the wrong size trousers?

For hotels, finding the ideal software fit is particularly important, because, without a suitable software solution, you are wasting money and time –big items that take you away from the clients and save you from offering a leading guest experience.

For smaller resorts, you might think you’re getting more bang for your buck with a solution designed for enterprise resorts, but you might require some tailoring. You might end up paying for additional features you will never use, or maybe you run tours as well and need a function for handling that aspect of your company.

But who in hospitality has time to search for the ideal software fit when you are busy managing your resort? I have done the job for you.  Keep in mind, if the resort hosts multiple events and activities, such as wedding venue in Tasmania the software you choose will need to lend itself to other teams managing areas of the venue.

Below, are 5 of the best hotel management applications that will work especially for smaller resorts.

Cloudbeds is a favourite hotel management software solution for small resorts.

Cloudbeds functions as an all-purpose hotel management system which can also connect your property to hundreds of stations (like and Orbitz) with real time, two-way integration. It allows guests to create direct bookings through their desktop or mobile device, or perhaps through Facebook.

User Feedback:
All-in-one platform
Integrates easily with third parties and credit card processing
Plenty of features
24/7 customer service
Effortless to use
What they’d like to see enhanced
Some weren’t satisfied with client support.

EZee Frontdesk by eZee Technosys
eZee Frontdesk is a favourite resort management software solution for small resorts

eZee Frontdesk is used by boutique resorts, hostels/lodges, resorts, and smaller hotels in 140 countries, the company claims. Over one million daily transactions in 104 nations happen across this resort property management solution, resulting in 90,000 rooms handled across the planet. EZee Frontdesk has over 4,700 clients and 70,500 users.

User Feedback:
Rate management to maximise revenue through seasonal rates
Mobile application to Get reports on smartphone/tablet
Event management
Self-service check-in kiosk
What they’d like to see enhanced
Inconsistencies in Chinese language package
Day-end safety (money counts) needs strengthening.

Frontdesk Anywhere
Frontdesk Anywhere is a favourite hotel management software solution for small resorts

Frontdesk Anywhere is based in the tech capital of Silicon Valley. Established in 2009, they have grown to over 1,400 customers and 18,000 users. Frontdesk also comes with an Asian office for people who are seeking international support.

User Feedback:
Easy-to-use port
Customisable availability calendar
Personalised guest, business, and travel agent profiles that can be categorised into advertising campaigns
Data encryption on secure servers, along with the ability to limit user privileges
What they’d like to see enhanced
Unable to Find guest bookings by email or telephone number
“Thank You” letters Can’t be sent with resort photo.

Hotelogix PMS by Hotelogix
Hotelogix is a favourite hotel management software solution for small hotels

Hotelogix was designed especially for small and midsize hotels and is used by over 10,000 properties worldwide. This solution launched in 2009 and today boasts clients in over 100 nations.

Maestro PMS
Maestro is a favourite hotel management software solution for small hotels

Maestro PMS ranks 14th on our resort program popularity list, but its unique emphasis on helping small possessions, even something as little as a timeshare, is what makes it a place on this list. Maestro is built for the cloud and provides 20 unique modules under a single umbrella, including reservations, front desk, sales, distance and club management, and dining POS. Maestro intends to simplify matters, allowing hotel managers to run everything from 1 dashboard.

User Feedback:
Can be installed on Windows or accessed from the cloud
Lots of features are available a la carte, which is excellent for smaller resorts with unique needs
Outstanding support
Integrated mobile housekeeping app
What they’d like to see enhanced
The program has a steep learning curve for some.

It’s important to take the time to look at as many options as possible and correlate software features to your hotel or resort’s business requirements.  For example, if you are managing a luxury resort in Tasmania, it’s very important that the business decide to roll out a user-friendly, easy to use system so front desk staff aren’t struggling with IT issues while guests are standing in front of them.