The benefits of a fast and snappy website

A websites performance means how fast the web pages are downloaded and displayed on the web browser you are using.
Websites that have a fast download speed can increase traffic and loyalty from visitors. User satisfaction is important for any website to keep visitors coming back. If you have slow speeds and complicated websites that don’t get straight to the point you will find you get a decline in traffic leading to a decline in sales and positive word of mouth stories.

For example, if you had a Commercial Property Management company, your website would likely be the first point of contact for many customers. Your potential customers would likely be busy individuals, which means that the page needs to be quick and easy to navigate in order for them to stay.

The benefits of a fast and snappy website

What is the importance of having a fast and snappy webpage?

Imagine that you had a customer who wants to find out more about retail leasing, he’s probably going to visit many different websites to learn as much as possible about the subject. If your website takes 10 seconds longer to load than your competitors, he probably won’t even look at yours.

A complicated webpage that doesn’t get straight to the point will most likely have too many elements that are not needed that are simply draining the website speed. It doesn’t matter whether the aim of the webpage is to get more leads and sales, advertise or to reduce the communication that comes into the store without web optimisation you won’t reach these goals.

One of the most important indicators for online success is website performance. You can have perfect SEO, great content and an easy to navigate webpage but if you have a slow website your visitors will be driven away, and Google certainly won’t consider your site to be included in the search results. You need to meet consumer expectations which is a fast website that gets straight to the point. People don’t want to search your webpage for a few mins to understand what the page is even about.

How fast does the website have to be?

Have a think about it and consider how long you would wait for a website to load. Ten seconds? Five seconds? Or less? You can learn more about Internet speeds here. 

A survey was conducted, and the findings were as follows:

40% of people were found to leave a website that took more than three seconds to load up.
80% of people who found it hard to navigate a website that wasn’t straight to the point were found to shop elsewhere. We can see a reduction in conversions just from a slight one second delay in page responses. Having a snappy website is more important to your business than you probably know.

You can have quality SEO, clear branding and professional web designs but there is no point to any of it if you don’t have a fast website that can display it all quickly and with added quality.

There are a few things you can do to speed up your webpage and get everything loading quicker to get better business results:

  • Optimize
  • You web hosts are using cheap and sloppy equipment
  • Enable PHP caching
  • Invest in better bandwidth
  • Keep CSS files small
  • Are you databases organised?
  • Use less JavaScript and then compress it